The Week in Photos

Mt. Fuji sunset, as viewed from my bedroom window.

My new friend.

Did I mention that he is kind of enormous?

As we all know, photography is the Japanese national pastime…

…starting from a very early age.

Autumn leaves are at 86%, per the nightly news.

Transportation, version 0.1

The evolution of transportation.

The future of transporation, the upcoming bullet train.

Sobering thought for the day…

An odd subway warning (approbation of strangers is worse than being caught in a door).

Slow shopping, so hurry!

An exceptionally rare photo of mother bus and newborn buslet in their native habitat.

Sadly, no dogs allowed, or perhaps no sad dogs allowed.

Here’s a product we’ll likely not see in the US.

Someday, I want to find out what this is.

And finally, a glimpse of storybook Japan, still there if you know where to look.

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