Facebook, T-shirts, and Other Odds and Ends

A couple of weeks back, I broke down and actually set up a Facebook profile. Don’t bother to go there yet; there is nothing to be seen save for one picture of yours truly in the company of Hotei, the chubby Chinese god of abundance (and that has already been posted in this blog). I finally joined as a means of staying in touch with my daughter, who is more scrupulous about returning Facebook messages than she is about either emails or phone calls. What I didn’t expect was the influx of messages from folks I hadn’t heard from in years. I have to say it was kind of weird getting an email saying that “so-and-so wants to be your friend”, especially when so-and-so was my brother (to cite one example), and as far as I know, already my friend. Still, it has been pretty amusing, and I can’t wait to see who comes out of the woodwork next.

One such friendship request came from my cousin Cindy (with whom I have also maintained a friendship prior to Facebook), who asked that I post some pics of weird fractured-English Japanese T-shirts, so here are a few of my finds from earlier this afternoon:

I guess "raised wisdom" is better than the unleavened variety...

The "autheticity" is in doubt...

Humility is key, don't you think?

That adoult mood always gets me so flushed...

Nothing I could say could improve on this...

And then there were a few other odds and ends from this weekend that I thought merited inclusion:

When it comes to H1N1, you can't be too careful...

It's that old "L-versus-R" thing again...

Franchise opportunities available!

A manly health aid...

Humility is key, part 2; a Yamaha record player

One Response to Facebook, T-shirts, and Other Odds and Ends

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you, all excellent!

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