Tea Party in Japan

Here in Japan we’re all about the tea. Every neighborhood has a tea shop, typically a mom-and-pop operation, devoted to the brewing and drinking of teas from all corners of the world. Hot teas, cold teas, green teas, black teas, herbal teas, medicinal teas, you name it, they’ll have it. There are tea magazines, at least one tea newspaper, and countless books devoted to Asia’s favorite beverage. So it should come as no surprise that when the Tea Party movement began its groundswell movement in the US, Japan sat up and took notice. A Tea Party, wow, how cool is that? Every nightly news program featured conservative talking heads, quoting pithily (and seemingly endlessly) in English, with a Japanese narrative overlaid by the news anchors. There was precious little tea in sight, but presumably it would be served later…at the Party (with a capital “P”).

What was plainly visible, however, was the broad array of disgruntled Americans (or as one wag quipped: “the array of disgruntled broad Americans”), many of whom bore signs airing their particular grievances with the system. And clearly there could be no argument that the system had failed many of these folks, particularly in the education department, and most acutely in the area of spelling. You know how we Westerners always get such a belly laugh out of Asian mangling of English? I think someone could make a fortune printing some Tea Party slogans on T-shirts and selling them in Japan (note: these can all be seen on YouTube, reruns of Jimmy Kimmel, and all over the net, by simply typing into your favorite search engine the words “tea party misspelling”):

“Stundents for McCain and Palin” (this would be a great T-shirt with a Beavis/Butthead logo)

“No Pubic Option” (It’s possible this isn’t misspelled; maybe this is really what they’re so worked up about…)

“I Am Joe the Plummer” (with a head shot of Christopher Plummer)

“Impeah Obama” (as we all know, she meant “impish”)

“Amensty” (with a red circle/slash, indicating that the sign bearer was against it; another sign bearer weighed in against “Amnety”)

“Liberials Are Stealing My Liberty” (I think it should be Liberians, or perhaps Librarians)

“Make English America’s Offical Language” (and by all means let’s start at home)

“English Is Our Language, No Excetions, Learn It” (Amen, brother)

“Get a Brain, Morans” (that just works on so many levels, I scarcely know where to begin…)

“My furture is in your hands!!!” (maybe he means his furniture?)

 “No More Taxs” (I’d like to buy a vowel…)

“Remember Descent, the Highest Form of Patriotic” (I think it should be “patriocity”)

For these and more, here are some links; the first one in particular is hilarious, set to the tune of Sam Cooke’s hit “Wonderful World” (“Don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, don’t know much about science books…”)





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