The Week in Pictures

Have a (World) Cup of Coke!

A house in my 'hood

The parade past my balcony...

We call this "two-buccaneer corn"...

Mini Cooper, Version 1.0

The view from the rear...

Graveyard of the rare Bromosaurus...

A cocker spaniel friend of mine called Kabuto...

Traditional meets modern

Another house in my 'hood

 Accordion tea bottles, see folded ones on top

You are probably wondering “why did he take a picture of this?” I assure you, several locals wondered the same thing. These are plastic accordion tea bottles; note the ones on top of the display, which have been compacted after drinking a portion of the tea, to achieve the same “tea-to-air” balance as a full bottle, thus rendering the beverage uniformly delicious to the last drop.

This last photo is one of my favorite pictures I have taken in Japan. It depicts a political poster with a very nervous looking politician, sweating profusely. The “sweat”, however, is raindrops on the sign, not really sweat on the politician’s forehead. More’s the pity!


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