And They Say Paris is the City of Lights…


This really does say Tokyo Dome, not Tokyo Dame (for example). It is the home of the legendary Yomiuri Giants, the oldest team among the current professional baseball teams in Japan. And it takes Christmas decorations quite seriously, as you will see.

Tokyo Dome Adjacent

We speculated that the ship, whose masts and sails poke up through the blue-light ceiling, is actually “under water” the water being the ceiling. We may have been reading more into it than the designers intended, though.

This sign was on the side of a truck alongside Tokyo Dome. The name notwithstanding, the audio sounded pretty normal to me.

The Golden Periphery of Tokyo Dome.

This is the “bug guts green” parachute ride at Korakuen Park, just across the street from Tokyo Dome. There is also a giant Ferris Wheel, and a roller coaster that takes riders through a hole in an adjacent office building! (see below)

These primary-colored “pencils” are directional indicators for the Tokyo Dome grounds.

Now we head off to Roppongi, the home of the fat-cat foreigners who live in Tokyo. It is perhaps the only place in the city where the gaijin march in similar numbers to the locals. It is a place I avoid like the plague except for Christmastime, when their “Illumination Events” rival any I have ever seen.

Blue trees reflect in the glass waterfalls behind. There really is water running down the glass panels, a beautiful effect both for the eyes and the ears.

The crystal reflecting tree in Mori Koen pond.

Where there are illumination events, there you will also find the Red Bull Mini Cooper, complete with lovely young Japanese girls handing out free samples of the cough medicine-flavored beverage. I mentioned to one of them that my car is a Mini Cooper too, and she said she liked this one very well! I have often found with mine that it is a difficult vehicle for any sort of clandestine operation, as it is quite recognizable among the ubiquitous silver-grey sedans of Prince Edward Island, but my sedate blue convertible doesn’t hold a candle to this one when it comes to shock effect!

Blue Field Acres, with Tokyo Tower rising Eiffelesquely in the background.

A full moon cooperated nicely in the illumination event.

Or how about these trees, cleverly illuminated to evoke champagne flutes. I think a glass of champagne would be a fitting end to an evening of light-gazing, actually. As a matter of fact, I have a bottle of Moet a-chillin’ in the fridge as we speak. So, sayonara for now!


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