Some Final Pictures of the Year, Ones I Hope I Have Not Used in Mysterious Orientations Before…

While not as good as “Fanny Hair”, a beauty shop near my apartment, “Hair Make Heaps” is nonetheless a pretty fine moniker for that sort of establishment.

The picture I never tire of taking: Mt. Fuji at sunset, from my bedroom window.

Hey, this place sells bread and food!

Baked cookies are always best, that’s my take on the situation…

This is not a name that rolls off the tongue like Stag’s Leap or Clos du Val…

Perhaps this place could merge with the other hair stylist (above), and they could call the new venture “Hair Make Heaps of Moss”…

Care to make a guess how this might be pronounced? It’s “Marui”. Go figure.

These guys, who hail from Turkey, make the best kebabs in all Japan!

Tokyo Tower rises up behind Zozoji Temple.

Three junior high school girls show off for the gaijin. I thoroughly expect that they could beat me in a hundred-meter dash on their bamboo stilts (by which I mean them on the stilts, and me just running).

Here’s something you probably haven’t had yet: sweet potato soda! News flash: I haven’t had it either, and I have no intention of having it anytime soon.

You can’t argue with that…

This reindeer, which I happened upon in Ikebukuro train station at Christmastime, is life-size, and quite lifelike as well, despite the fact that he is made from styrofoam and nylon fiber.

This must be the world’s shortest escalator!

The colors of winter: persimmons drying in the sun. Thanks, Saki, for this pic!

Happy New Year all! I am on my way out the door, headed for Ikebukuro and an overnight bus trip to the sea. If the weather gods cooperate, I’ll post some pictures of the trip in the next day or two. Sayonara!


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