Okinawa: in pictures worth 31,000 words… (click pics for larger views)

Fuji-san from the airplane window

An Okinawan delicacy

The roots of tie-dye

The flora was lovely

As was the fauna...

Glass bottom boats for exploring the reef

Tourists behaving erratically

From the tour bus window

Okinawan delicacy rears its ugly head again

At the butterfly preserve


And wow again; a real shark jaw

Sing along..."When the eel in the sea is much bigger than me, that's a moray!"

Bad day at the aquarium

If you're lying, he'll bite your hand off

This guy will bite you just for the hell of it...

Imagine trying to get a building permit for this

On the beach

Beneath the bridge

Going native

The coast near Naha

Sunset at Elephant Rock

Anatomically correct statuary

The feudal warlords lived well


Bottles o' Snake

There's really nothing I can add to this...

...except perhaps a closeup from a different angle

Much friendlier than he appears

Traditional Okinawa dance

The end of the tale...


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