Internet Problems Resolved; Please Check Back Soon!

Hey everybody, I apologize for being offline for so long. I am in Nusa Lembongan, a tiny island off the southeast coast of Bali, and have been faced with two access problems: sporadic internet availability, and an inability to log onto WordPress. At last I have internet again, and, thanks to the ministrations of the BookPage online guru, Trisha, I am able to log on to the admin page of the blog as well. I have several posts ready to go; I just have to key them in and figure out a way to add pics. So, over the next few days, there should be some new stuff to read, and some pretty spectacular pictures as well. Please note: I am not tooting my own horn about the pictures. Bali is so photogenic that one could simply aim a camera in any direction (including straight up and straight down) and shoot endless National-Geographic-worthy shots at every turn. More soon!


2 Responses to Internet Problems Resolved; Please Check Back Soon!

  1. Laurie Vatcher says:

    Hey there,

    E-mailed you, and then I thought to go on your blog…first time in eons! Are they expecting tsunamis in Bali? Helluva earthquake!! Write so I know you’re ok!!

  2. Pam B says:

    We are thinking of you & your family – hope all is okay.

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