The Cotterill/Tierney Saga, Part 3, Finally Some Pictures

After a long time of living on Gilligan’s Island (“no phone, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury”, seriously) about which I shall write more soon, I finally have internet access again, speedy access at that. So, here at last are some pics from the Cotterill Compound and its environs; note, click on the pics, then when the page reloads, click once more, and you can see larger, more detailed versions…

The man himself, dressed up for work...


The compound as seen from the beach side...


...and from the driveway side


Sticky Rice (left) and Psycho (right) herd neighbor's cattle


L to R, Noon, Pyo, Nok, Bruce, and Khae playing a local version of UNO


Getting toys together for Chinese New Year; Khae, Pyo, Noon, Daw, and Nok


Noon's makeshift hair-dryer


Some of the kids from the Burmese school


Pyo and one of the teachers, whose name, sadly, I did not get


Perhaps the Frida Kahlo of the 21st century


For first-time artists, this group had it going on!


We have a winner (the one in the red and white shirt, that is...)


A bite of lunch


Dessert was a big hit!


Pyo and Khae loading up for return to Bangkok


Phrot-Samh and her brother Jet-Samh


Colin and the Williams sisters (Colin is in the green shirt)


Gulf of Siam, just down the beach from Colin's place




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