The Siem Reap (Cambodia) Photo Dump, Part 1

A day at the lake, where tiny fishies nibble at you relentlessly

Doug Davis, mere moments before the hammock malfunction...


Kimleng's bro, aka "Number 3"




Number 5 (front), Number 4 (LR), Number 3 (RR)


Number 5, in living color!


Chrissie (UK) and Kimleng, Same Same...


"Same Same, But Different", popular SE Asian saying...


Kimleng made Cambodian supper for a crowd; delicious!


Silk weaving, Siem Reap


Do not, I repeat, do not, run into this guy!


Flower girls Kimleng and Ewa (Poland)


And one flower boy, channeling his inner femininity...


Buddhist cemetery, outside Siem Reap

The next group of pictures are of a village on the edge of huge Tonle Sap Lake, which can rise enough in the rainy season to make the stilt houses appear to be floating on the surface of the lake. Other houses are tethered, and simply rise and fall with the water. Just now we are at the end of the dry season, and the river is barely navigable by the tour boats that take visitors into the heart of the village, and out onto the lake to watch the sunset.



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