Colin, Kyoko, Bruce, Saki, Keiko, Ei, Jo, Sticky, Psycho, Venus and Serena, GoGo, and Beah

Here are some of the promised pictures of my week in the company of the above referenced-humans and canines (the first seven are human, mostly, and the remaining six are dogs). The location is a small fishing village on the east coast of Thailand, overlooking the Gulf of Siam. As you will be able to see from the pics, I am working very hard to keep you entertained, at the expense of my own personal enjoyment; such are the rigors of a writer’s life…


Is it just me, or does Colin bear a strong resemblance to actor Mike Farrell?


Keiko takes her chances on the Coconut Tree of Certain Death


Three Japanese hams on the beach: Saki; Keiko; Kyoko


And then it is Saki's turn to challenge the CToCD...


The guest house sleeping area


Sunset from the balcony of the main house


Yours truly, in the main house, living room


From the main house to the studio and the guest house


Saki-chan making supper


...and playing the stand-up bass in the stairwell


Keiko's lovely supper!


Colin and I compare belly sizes; his is due to a pillow, mine is from chocolate chip cookies...


Ei models a Cambodian silk scarf


Psycho contemplates flip-flops


Keiko and Kyoko ham it up on Lang Suan bridge


Sticky and the Williams twins, let them lie...


...even if they are not exactly sleeping!


The main house, beautiful even from the back side


Kind-faced Beah, loves strange humans (strange dogs, not so much...)


Saki rounds up the herd the civilized way, by bicycle


In a house full of dogs, it is best to have a backup copy of notes for the next book


Keiko, dressed for formal supper (the rest of us dressed like beachcombers!)


GoGo guards the entry to the studio, a veritable Cerberus...


A fine collection of works by noted English sculptor, Colin Cotterill


The main house, viewed from the guest house through the bougainvilleas

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