Kam’s Song

March 26, 2013

A week ago or a bit more, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I met Kam. She was sitting outside the men’s dorm at the Christian university where I was staying (that’s a whole story in itself!), and chatting with my pal Guan. I noticed that Kam had a guitar on the bench next to her, and I asked if she could play it. She could, and did. And man, could that girl sing! We recorded this song, a popular Thai tune, on my little Canon pocket camera. Although the camera had limited video capabilities, and there were all the background noises one might expect outdoors on a warm Chiang Mai night, it was nonetheless magic! My friend Khae, who is less technologically challenged than I, was able to load the video onto facebook, something that for whatever reason had eluded me, but I have managed to figure out how to get it into Mysterious Orientations all by myself (cue the applause…).