The Ongoing Struggle for My Soul…

Several weeks back, I was chatting with a facebook friend I hadn’t talked to in a while, and we burned the midnight oil catching up on what had been going on in one another’s lives in the dozen years or so since we had last seen one another in person. It was a fun conversation (from my end, at least), and I invited her to come to my place in Prince Edward Island for a visit sometime.

Now, I have to fill in a bit of back story here, to explain that sometime through the years since I last saw her, she has become quite a bit more religious than she was back in the day (as evidenced by facebook posts along that line), while I, by comparison, have become ever less so. And I was never particularly religious to begin with, so nowadays on a scale where 10 is very religious, and 1 is very irreligious, I hover somewhere around negative 3. So I said to her: “you should probably know this before you decide whether to come here or not, and if it is a problem, I will certainly understand, but (insert drum roll here…) I am pretty much an unrepentant heathen.” To my surprise, she laughed and said that perhaps she could move me from that position. I thought (and continue to think) that is highly unlikely, but hey, hit me with your best shot! So, if all goes to plan, next summer she will come up here for a visit, and we will pit the Scriptures against my dissolute existence, and see what happens. I mention this by way of introduction to these next videos, from highly controversial folksinger/raconteur Roy Zimmerman. A word of caution: I can see where someone might have his or her feathers ruffled by some of the sentiments expressed therein, so if what I have written thus far has made the little hairs on your arms stand on end, perhaps it would be best not to watch them (the videos, not the hairs).

The first is titled “Creation Science 101”, in which Zimmerman takes the point of view of a college prof steeped in the biblical version of the origins of life on Earth (“…4042 BC, on Monday, August 27, He made the earth and sky and heaven, then he punched out at 5:03!”). Then, in “Defenders of Marriage,” he takes on the thorny issue of gay marriage, this time from the viewpoint of a person whose political views lean well to the right of center: (“Every time we think about same sex marriage, it makes us sick to our guts, I mean, two people who want to commit to a stable monogamous lifelong relationship—what are they, nuts?”). So, if the spirit (or the Spirit) moves you, have a look (or Not) and please don’t
hesitate to comment…

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