Thailand Photo Dump

I'd bet good money there is no road with this name in the US...


How about some Life Saver-esque rice?


Leng's Isuzu SUV sported this curious instruction...


Leng learns that if you play in the waterfall, you're gonna get wet... does Bruce!


Only in Thailand...


Gage and Allyson model one of Kimleng's Cambodian silk scarves


Chiangmai by night


Oh dear...


Pedal ricksha in Bangkok


Kanchanaburi, near the infamous bridge over the River Kwai


Kasem Island Resort, Kanchanaburi,floating room only $30/night!


No idea...


Boy, there is a mixed message, if ever I saw one...


Seen on a t-shirt in Khao San Road, Bangkok


Anywhere, anytime? How about Chartres during the Renaissance? (Apologies to Steven Wright...)


What do you suppose this means?


Thai trains are always late; "real arrival time" is a permanent fixture on schedule board!


Leng and Gage both have good UNO hands, but... usual, Khae is the winner; note the subtle "W"!


And then there was this unusual sweatshirt...


Were was the profreader?


Alongside the Bridge on the River Kwai


The River Kwai, upstream and upscale...


Trellis bridge on River Kwai "Death Railway"


Saki, looking quite alive on the "Death Railway"


Bangkok taxis (all three vehicles!)


A bit of automotive history in historical Chiang Mai


This toothpaste used to be called "Darkie", back in the day...


Light fixtures on display at shop in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok


Michal, from Poland, channels his inner Polish ham...


"Slimming, sliming"-- so close, yet so far apart!


Why?? Because you are not allowed to bring real fruit back into the US...


What could I possibly add to this?

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